Baby Tears Why Is My Baby Always Crying?

Published: 01st May 2009
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All babies cry. It is normal and natural and is a very important means of communication for the baby. Crying always has a reason and while some reasons can be easily identified, others are not. This is why many parents struggle as they try everything to soothe a fussing infant and yet nothing seems to work. There is a list of possible reasons for a baby who is crying and it helps to check each one.

One of the main reasons that babies, newborns in particular cry, is because they feel hungry. Because their stomachs cannot hold very much they get hungry frequently so offering the breast, or bottle, might be the very thing the baby was crying for. Of course, there will be those times when hunger is not the issue. So, this is when it is time to check the other possible reasons.

Changing the baby's nappy might be a good idea. Although some do not object to a full nappy others do, and a nappy change might be all that is needed. This is also the perfect opportunity to check that the baby is not feeling uncomfortable in his or her clothing. Babies cry when they are too hot or too cold as well, so check that the clothes are keeping the baby comfortably warm and are not too tight.

Babies will also cry because they need to be cuddled and held. Although some do not require that much physical contact, others do and some can need a lot of it. People have often thought that holding their newborn a lot will spoil the baby but this is simply not true. There are products available that enable a parent to keep their baby close while still having the use of their hands, such as the sling. But whether you buy one or not, it is important that the baby receives the physical contact that he or she needs when they need it.

Another reason a baby will cry is when he needs to sleep. For newborns especially, over stimulation can make it difficult for them to relax enough to settle down and sleep. A good idea is to remove the baby to somewhere quiet and peaceful where, after a while, they should be able to doze off peacefully.

Then there are those occasions when a baby cries either because he is feeling unwell or because he is in pain. While some parents worry that they cannot discover the cause for the crying, when it comes to illness and pain there are ways to tell. The cry might sound different. It might be at a higher pitch or sound urgent and insistent. Alternatively, if the baby has always cried a lot and then does not cry as much, the silence is possibly the clue that he or she might be feeling under the weather.

Colic is the term given for a baby who cries constantly for apparently absolutely no reason at all. Colic is a very stressful thing both for the baby and for the family. Babies will cry for three hours a day, for at least three days per week and it can go on for up to three months. It helps to know that the colic stage will not last forever and there are tips available on how to cope with it for parents in need of advice.

Having a newborn is not easy and when that baby starts to cry it can become very stressful, especially for new parents. But it helps to remember that as the little one grows they will learn other ways of communicating with you and eventually the crying will cease...for the most part!

Amanda Is A Work From Home Mum of 3, For all of the latest products, news, and case studies please visit Baby Comfort Toys

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